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Godrej Amaya Retreat - Kharghar, Mumbai


Godrej Kharghar Retreat- Located to perfection at Kharghar, Mumbai

The project Godrej Amaya has been developed by the Godrej Properties Limited, one of the most prominent and well known real estate developers in India. The company is well connected to almost all parts of India through their buildings, and the head office of Godrej Properties Limited is located in Mumbai. Godrej Properties Limited is actually under the Godrej Industries Ltd, and the company was formed in the year 1990 with Adi Godrej as the leader. Initially, the Godrej Properties Limited was named as Sea Breeze Constructions and Private Limited. This was the name given to the company when it was first founded on 8th February of 1985. In 1990, the shareholders had a special resolution, according to which the name got changed to Godrej Properties and Investments Private Limited. On 23rd November of 2004, the name of the company has changed again in a general meeting and was kept as Godrej Properties Limited.

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At present, the company is working on projects that are estimated to cover an area of roughly 89.7 million square feet. The Godrej Properties Limited or GPL is being listed on National Stock Exchange or NSA, and Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE. Godrej Properties Limited has developed projects all over India. However, their main operations are targeted towards thirteen major cities of the country. These include Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Noida, Kochi, and Chennai. Godrej Properties Limited has stood apart in the real estate market through its competitive mentality. Residential, retail, corporate, or commercial properties, Godrej Properties Limited, have been equally fascinating in all. Godrej Properties Limited does not compromise the quality of the buildings and the safety of the residents in any way. They also are highly punctual and deliver projects with the best quality within the stipulated time.

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Godrej Amaya/Retreat by Godrej Properties

Strategically located at Kharghar, an emerging suburb in Mumbai

Godrej Properties are coming up with one of their best projects in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. This residential project is known as Godrej Amaya and is one of the most awaited projects in the area. Apart from the usual advantages that residents get in all Godrej Properties projects, the Godrej Retreat also has to offer a lot of extras. The architecture has been designed as per the latest trend and style. The project is so placed that lush green natural scenery will always be available for viewing. The Godrej Amaya project is not only aimed at permanent residents, but it is also targeted towards potential investors. The provided amenities, floor plans and pricing are expected to generate interest among anyone interested in the real estate market. All the essential features that a person would like to enjoy in a residential apartment are all present in Godrej Retreat.

One of the main factors that customers look for while buying an apartment is that how is the connectivity and location of the place. The Godrej Retreat is placed ideally in Kharghar, Mumbai such that all the essential financial, medical, technical, and health institutions can be reached quickly. As for the investors, they also look for the connectivity of place that they would like to invest in. The Godrej Retreat project is near the Mumbai to Pune expressway, and all the essential locations of the city can be reached without taking much time. As for the workers in IT departments, prominent technological centres are also located close to enable easy transportation to home from the workplace.

In Godrej Amaya Kharghar, the facilities that will be provided to the residents will be world-class. Residents will have the opportunity to join the exclusive luxury club. As for the kids, there is also a kids club present. There will be valet parking facilities in the project. The residents will also be able to hire Porters on calls. For the elderly generation, help older adults and extra facilities will be present. There will also be concierge services, and call centre working 24x7 will be provided. Residents will also be able to enjoy the top-class swimming pool, and the natural landscape scenery filled with forest grove will offer a unique experience. For those who love to eat, restaurants and cafeterias will be present inside the project area. There will be entertainment centres too, and residents will also be able to exercise and play in the various courts provided.

Residential & Commercial infrastructure growth in Kharghar

The place Kharghar is precisely located on the lines of Mumbai and is under the district of Raigad. Kharghar has mainly developed by CIDCO and falls under Navi Mumbai as well. With time, Mumbai has become saturated with residential and commercial complexes. This is why the nearby areas, such as Kharghar are being more targeted at present to be the site for upcoming projects. The town is polycentric, and as per stats, a total of 50,000 people can be well accommodated in Kharghar. There are 45 sectors in total, and they are interconnected.

As the years have gone by, there has been significant growth seen in the real estate market of Kharghar. The locality has an excellent infrastructure socially and is mainly a residential area. The number of commercial and residential projects in Kharghar has increased a lot over the past few years. There are many properties in Kharghar which are made by prominent real estate developers such as Arihant Group, Swaraj Group, Bhosale Group, Shah Group, DP Constructions, Paradise Group, and so on. As for Godrej property in Kharghar, the project Godrej Retreat is one of the most-awaited and anticipated residential complexes that is coming up. All of these real estate developers have constructed multiple flats, apartments, and even houses in Kharghar.

Due to the excellent proximity of Kharghar, and the facilities of the flats offered that are constructed in this area, the apartments in Kharghar have a high demand. All the latest designs with modern furnishings are available in the flats of Kharghar. Mostly, the customers are looking to buy flats with configurations such as 2 BHK or 3 BHK. Both of the types are available in plenty at Kharghar, and this has attracted the potential customers. Thus, it can be clearly stated that Kharghar is one of the best-planned localities of Mumbai.

Property price trends at Kharghar

Mumbai has always been one of the most expensive places for the real estate market in India. Despite being so technologically advanced, and with multiple top transportation facilities and industries, the city is ridiculously expensive. Navi Mumbai has also followed the same trend. Initially, when the town was growing up, the rates were not so high. Slowly, as most of the essential centres were getting established, the price of the properties in Mumbai and the nearby areas skyrocketed. The prices of properties in the city have only increased with a big time-span. As a result, people from outside coming to work here often tend to avoid buying or renting properties nearby to avoid paying substantial rental fees. Kharghar is also a top place for the investment in properties at present, and many people are avoiding proper Mumbai and choosing a residence in Kharghar for the comparatively lower pricing.

The rates of the properties in Kharghar, whether for buying or rent, are always on the change. For both the potential customers and the investors, it is recommended that they keep a keen eye on the movement of the market in the place. The slightest of changes can cause a significant change in the total profit or return, so investors have to optimize their investment as per the real estate market trend. Property stakeholders should always go with statistics and recorded data and analyze the trend. This will help them to read the condition of the real estate market accurately, and thus help in investing correctly.

Over the last quarter, the price trends in Kharghar have changed a lot. As per the whole list, there are over 22015 properties in Kharghar at present. The numbers are quite less when compared to the nearby areas. At present, the starting price of the properties in Kharghar is from Rs. 3.50 lakh. The costs can go as high as Rs. 1.05 Crore for the super luxurious apartments. In average, the price of the properties in Kharghar is near about Rs. 39 lakh to Rs. 52 lakh. Godrej Amaya in Kharghar is also expected to follow this property trend. However, in contrast with the condition of the real estate market in recent times, the city of Mumbai has been showing an uptrend in the last six months, while there is a downtrend in Kharghar for the same period.

Investing in Godrej Amaya Kharghar- Is it your money’s worth?

The Godrej Amaya project is one of the most balanced and well planned residential projects that are located in a prime locality of Mumbai. With the work, architecture, design, and execution of Godrej Properties, the Godrej Retreat project is expected to turn out in a marvel, and the demand for the apartments are expected to increase by a considerable margin. Most of the residents are inclined towards the design of both interiors and exteriors. Keeping these factors of property investment, Godrej Retreat has been designed in an elegant yet stylish way, which will showcase its value from both the inside and outside. The architects who have worked on this project have been tireless, and have blended comfort, convenience, well being, and safety of the residents. RCC frames have entirely constructed the structure, and it is guaranteed to provide a long-lasting and durable lifestyle.

The rooms are to be filled with tiles, which will cover the living room as well as the bedrooms. The entire structure has been so wonderfully constructed that residents will not have to worry about doing maintenance for a long time. Godrej Retreat project comes with multiple elevators for the residents, and they will have 24x7 backup power services. The common areas allotted to the residents will also have all-time power backup. The total area of Godrej Retreat is also under 24x7 security surveillance, and parking facilities are available to the visitors as well.

Godrej Retreat project has been one of the best projects by Godrej Properties, measuring by even their higher standards. That solely states that why potential customers and real estate investors should be excited about getting their hands on the Godrej Retreat apartments. There has been complete transparency from the side of Godrej Properties and Godrej Retreat, and there has been no confusion regarding the ownership of land, completion of the project, and producing legal documents. It can be well said that the investors who are willing to invest in the property of Godrej Retreat should be highly wary of getting a good return in the future.

Pre-requisites to follow before investing at Kharghar

Property investments are long-term prospects. First-time investors should take their time and consult with professional advisers for a clear understanding about the property market. As these are crucial decisions, residents need to make sure they have a checklist of their priorities before jumping into purchase decisions. Investing in Retreat Kharghar can help you choose between under construction projects and ready-to-move in homes. Either one of these options offer individual benefits. Employing a collective approach can help you make smart decisions without any grievances in the future. Invest Now!

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Godrej Amaya/Retreat is located to precision at Kharghar, Mumbai. The property has employed a collective approach by welcoming residents to the site at all times. Meaning, one is free to experience the amenities and floor plans for constructive purchase decisions. With 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5 BHK homes up for grabs, residents are presented with alternatives to choose from. With impeccable connectivity to the rest of the city, it is imperative that investing at Kharghar can reap great rental returns as well. Carefully designed living spaces eventually would contribute to optimum space utilization. Invest now for a life you had imagined!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Godrej Retreat Kharghar exactly located?
Godrej Amaya Kharghar by Godrej is a residential project located Kharghar, Mumbai.
What are the configurations available at Godrej Kharghar Amaya?
Godrej Retreat offers 2, 3 BHK residential apartments.
What is the total area covered at Godrej Retreat Kharghar?
The total land parcel at Godrej Retreat Kharghar is available on request.
What is the possession status of Amaya Godrej Kharghar?
Amaya Godrej Retreat ready to move in info is available on request
What is the price of individual unit variants at Godrej Kharghar?
Godrej Retreat prices for individual apartments are available on request.
What are the amenities provided at Amaya Godrej Kharghar?
Amenities at Godrej Retreat include an equipped gymnasium, recreational play parks for children, landscaped greenery, swimming pool for all age groups, jogging tracks, clubhouse, 100% electric/power backup, designated parking spots and 24/7 round the clock security services.
Is Godrej doing any other pre launch?
Yes. These are the following projects from Godrej Properties which are getting pre launch. Click on the mentined project name. Godrej River Greens, Godrej Royale Woods, Godrej Nurture and many more.

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