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Godrej Retreat/Amaya Price at Mumbai


No matter how good the projects are or how well furnished the apartment is, finally, it gets decided on the price that you have to pay for it. As for Godrej Amaya project, the price has been so designed that it will provide an enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle, without having to pay that five-star maintenance amount. The investment or buying of a property is an important decision that needs to be taken strategically and require a lot of long-term thinking. The exact prices of the apartments at Godrej Amaya project is on request. However, the price range of the apartments of Godrej Retreat is likely to follow the same pricing trends as of the rest of Kharghar.

Godrej constructions, over the years has offered some of the finest residential spaces. Godrej Amaya Kharghar is a prime residential project precisely located at Kharghar and offers some of the best amenities in order minimize commute and promotes sustainability.the price of the flats in Godrej Retreat project is quite competitive when the other projects in the same locality are carried into account. With the quality of services given by Godrej Amaya in almost every aspect, one can expect the prices of the Godrej Amaya project apartments to increase by a considerable margin in the future. Also, since the location of Godrej Amaya is in a prime position in Mumbai, the demand for the place is likely to go up for the investors as well. This is because people can almost see how good a business opportunity it would be to invest in the properties of Godrej Retreat at present.

Godrej Kharghar Retreat Price

  • Spacious dining hall
  • Elegant living room
  • 2 spacious bedrooms and toilets
  • Utility room that can be used as a study room
  • Elegant dining hall
  • 2 bedrooms and 3 toilets
  • Adequate space for a utility room/kitchen space
  • Spacious living room with easy accessibility
  • 3 spacious bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Fabulous dining hall
  • Living room with your own personal balcony
  • Extra space for TV and kitchen cabinets.